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magnet ideas

for inspiration

Ideas for photos & displaying your magnets.


Using old photos

how to capture old photos for your magnets

It’s not always about perfection, it’s about the memory! Smart phone cameras have gotten quite good. To capture an old family portrait, take a photo with your cell phone. Make sure there is no glare or shadows and crop any area you do not want to appear on your magnet. Old family photos are a favorite gift.

Displaying your magnets

beyond your fridge

Don’t want magnets on your fridge? Go to your local hardware store or recycling facility to find a metal bar that your magnets will stick to. Minimum of 2” wide works the best. Paint to match your décor or leave as is for a rustic look. To hang, use ribbon, twine or chain, depending on the look you’re going for. It’s also a great space saving way to display and interchange your favorite memories.

more ideas

more occasions/images to capture

Bachelor/Bachelorette Gatherings
Bar Mitzvahs
Bat Mitzvahs
Business Cards
Family Reunions
Instagram Photos
Sporting Events

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